Ethernet Errors - One Direction Only

John john at
Wed Jan 5 06:16:03 GMT 2000

Hi Dan,

Thanks for the reply so quickly.  I still have a couple hairs left!!

At 07:25 PM 1/4/2000 -0800, Dan Kaminsky wrote:
>OK, I'm game for solving this one...

I'm glad someone is! <G>

>If Linux pulls, the transfers work.
>If Windows pushes, the Linux box gets DOS'd.


Also if WinBlows pulls, it works (I think you realize that, but I just
thought I'd add it again).

So much for the chit-chat <G>  I need to get a couple things straight in my
mind (What's left of it!).

(a) Changing NIC's is a bit of a strain at the moment.  Not out of the
question, but kinda like last resort as I just purchased a pile of stuff
for building another workstation due to be delivered tomorrow.  I do have
the tulip.o, & via-rhine.o modules built as I was unsure of what this
D-Link actually took.  Turned out to be the one I didn't have, the
rtl8139.o!  If I have to get another nic, I won't have to mess with that.
Part of the problem is that Billings, MT does not have any major name
computer stores.  Closest I have is a BestBuy currently moving into the
building that FutureShop moved out of.  To give you an example, the
cheapest PC100 64Meg strip in town is about $140.00 (generic), and it goes
up from there <G>

(b) I have MTUSpeed and it is the latest version. 4.10, that I just
upgraded to when you asked me to get a utility for adjusting the MTU.
Unfortunitly, it doesn't recognize the tcp/ip connection of my NIC's in the
WinBlows boxes (Just the dial-up) and I didn't see any other utilities at
the mentioned web site that would do what you asked.  Maybe an actual name
of a program that you  have in mind would help.

(c) I already have the registry backed up.  Everyday at 11:00PM <G>  Been
there, done that.  Now I keep it backed up automatically everyday...

(d) Tomorrow, I will reset my WB to Auto and then fixed at 100Full after
that for testing.  Can't do it on the wife's as she is into end of the year
books (Tax Preparer/Accountant), but will be able to do it after Friday on
her WB as she won't be here for a week.

(e) Have both Cute & WSFT for WB clients.  Will test that tomorrow after
speed change.  I cannot remember having this problem during FTP sessions,
but then again, I don't know whether or not I have used it on the LAN after
upgrading from 10BaseT (Thinnet).

(f) What's the best way to get a record of the tcpdump?  #tcpdump -e -w
tcp.txt and wait till it crashes? <G>   I haven't used that utility hardly
at all.  Sorry for the ignorance on this item.

I'll drop you a note tomorrow after I test the FTP senerio.

Thanks again for you interest and assistance.  I am very grateful...

>Well, if the Linux box was specifying a different block size/type when it
>pulled the data than when Windows was pushing it, it would explain the
>unidirectionality of the failure.  Here are some further tests for you to
>1)  PUT from Windows to Linux
>2)  GET from Windows to Linux(grab Serv-U FTP for Windows)
>1)  Go to and find a tool to change your MTU(Maximum
>Transmission Unit) value.  You've got a range from 522 to 1500 bytes per
>packet.  If either extreme "just works", oscillate by halves(10 fails, 5
>works, 8 fails, 7 works--7 is highest value that works) until you find the
>"limiting value"
>2)  There's a MTU value within /proc/sys/net/ipv4 on the Linux box.  Fudge
>that too.
>1)  Change the NIC on the Windows machine--use the following commands to
>save your registry before you futz w/ your drivers, and you'll be able to
>go back painlessly.  (I always do this before I blast apart people's
>2)  Change the NIC on the Linux machine.  This is my prime culprit--I'm
>betting the drivers on the Linux side aren't coping with some signal
>they're getting from the Windows side.  (We operate on a higher standard
>in Linux--this instability has a DoS Security Breach
>Flipside.)  Preferably, toss in a tulip and after the system boots, just
>run insmod tulip.
>Can you get us some tcpdump -e traces of the network failures?
>Try these, and get back to us.  We'll see where we stand from there.
>Yours Truly,
>	Dan Kaminsky
>	DoxPara Research

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