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Richard Sharpe sharpe at
Mon Jan 3 16:09:52 GMT 2000

At 09:25 AM 1/5/00 +1100, Gerald Carter wrote:
>Steve Langasek wrote:
>> As I understand it, there is nothing in the meaning of 
>> a Win9x logon which *requires* the machine serving logons 
>> to be an NT domain controller, even if an NT domain is present.
>> It seems logical to me that some would want to separate 
>> out these two functions.  Perhaps distributing the workload?
>> Or, there's also the fact that Samba doesn't quite work 
>> as a BDC yet, correct? So being able to serve 
>> Win9x logons without interfering with the operation of
>> an NT domain would be useful.  (If possible.)
>This all seems like an accident waiting to happen to me.
><sarcastic voice>
>Oh no, another misconfigured Samba server broke a 
>perfectly nice Windows NT network?!?!  Blah, blah, blah...
></sarcastic voice>
>> But a BDC is expected to do more than just validate 
>> the NT login against the PDC..
>I know that.  I just think that we have to develop 
>more parameters later on to mean, "No I really am a BDC!"
>This is not an issue of whether or not we can do it, but 
>whether or not it is a good idea.  I seem to be outvited 
>on my opinion and so I will hush now. ;)

OK, now that I understand that you are talking about "what should be"
rather than "what is now", I tend to agree that we need to split these
things out.

Hmmm, did you mean "outwitted" above :-)

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