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Richard Sharpe sharpe at
Mon Jan 3 15:18:51 GMT 2000

At 08:54 AM 1/5/00 +1100, Gerald Carter wrote:
>Steve Langasek wrote:
>> But domain logons = yes is also used to control whether 
>> 'network logons' are accepted from Win9x machines.  Does 
>> this represent overloading of the option's meaning?  Is it 
>> possible to separate out the Win9x network logon support from
>> the BDC support, or did MS hardwire this by overloading 
>> the NetBIOS types, like they did with DMB/PDC functionality?
>"domain logons" also controls NT logons.  Can someone give me 
>a valid set of circumstances where you would want Samba to 
>validate win9x logons and not act as a BDC?
>In my opinion (at the moment) the two are inseperable.  A Samba 
>server (using accounts from a PDC) validating Win9x logons
>should also validate NT client logons (and this is a BDC).

I am not sure if I understand what you mean here, but there are people out
there, including a customer of mine, who only habe Win9x and no WinNT
clients nor servers.

So they only use the domain logons = yes stuff for Win9x logons, and do not
think of Samba as running in PDC or BDC mode.

>I feel like I'm speaking in a black hole here.  Would someone
>please tell me politely to either be quiet or at least address
>the questions above.  This is somewhat of a design issue I 

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