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Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Tue Jan 4 20:18:58 GMT 2000

ok.  I'll bite...

I have also heard that this works.  However, intuively this 
should make Samba a BDC.  Problem is that there is no fail 
over provided as Samba does not cache a copy of the PDC's 

My two cents...

This should be forbidden in current setups (and in the 
current code). Reason: Consider what will happen if 
someone configures a domain member to perform domain 
logons on the same subnet as the PDC (or using WINS).
This discussion has been done before.  Haven't actually 
tested this scenario, but we all have a fairly good 
idea of what will happen.

If this setup is allowed it should be only when Samba is able 
to correctly function as a BDC.  "officially" that is.

Or am i missing something in the code?


David Collier-Brown wrote:
>   Two folks have asked this question now, and no-one on the
> docs list could comment, so I'm afraid I'll have to ask the
> experts...
> Kevin Bingham of O'Reilly Book Support forwarded this question
> from Jason Podgorny <jason at> :
> > I have a question on the domain logons option as presented in your book
> > Using Samba.  According to the example on page 171 the domain logons
> > option should be configured as yes when using the Domain-level Security.
> > However, on page 190-191 where is gives more information on the domain
> > logons option, it says that the machine must be in user-level security and
> > be acting as a PDC for this option to function.  This information seems
> > contradictory.  According to information that I have found in other places,
> > it also says that this option can be used with server-level security.
>         Sure: it's almost independant of security level:
>         1) It doesn't work at all in security = share
>         2) It works in security = user, server and domain

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