Security Identifier (SID) to User Identifier (uid) Resolution System

Cole, Timothy D. timothy_d_cole at
Tue Jan 4 19:42:43 GMT 2000

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> Subject:	RE: Security Identifier (SID) to User Identifier (uid)
> Resolution  System
> tim, do you want to implement a libsurs.a /  two functions:
> {
> 	union
> 	{
> 		gid_t
> 		uid_t
> 	}
> }
> {
> 	DOM_SID sid;
> }
> int surs_posix2nt(CREDS_NT *nt, CREDS_POSIx *posix)
> int surs_nt2posix(CREDS_NT *nt, CREDS_POSIx *posix)
> a file /etc/surs.conf should contain the "automap" stuff in it.
	Well... maybe I'll take a shot at this on my own time, when I get
home tonight.  I don't really have time to tackle it at work right now.

	One thing, though -- I can't say I'm comfortable with the POSIX
credentials representation you have here -- gid 202 and uid 202 will by
necessity map to different SIDs.  posix2nt is going to need some way of
knowing whether you "mean" the gid or the uid with that value, so it may be
necessary to add a flag/enum to the POSIX credentials representation to put
them in their separate "namespaces"...

	Actually, I think I might be more comfortable with something like:


	 typedef u_int32_t surs_rid;
	 typedef u_int8_t surs_id_auth[6];

	 typedef struct _surs_sid {
	 	u_int8_t revision;
	 	u_int8_t num_subauth;
	 	surs_id_auth id_auth;
		surs_rid sub_auths[SURS_MAX_SUBAUTHS];
	 } surs_sid;

	 typedef struct _surs_posix_id {
	 	enum { SURS_POSIX_UID, SURS_POSIX_GID } type;
	 	union {
	 		uid_t as_uid;
	 		gid_t as_gid;
	 	} id;
	 } surs_posix_id;

	 int surs_sid2posix(surs_posix_id *id, const surs_sid *sid);
	 int surs_uid2sid(surs_sid *sid, uid_t uid);
	 int surs_gid2sid(surs_sid *sid, gid_t gid);
	 const char *surs_strerror(int error);

	(This removes its dependancy on the Samba source, and avoids
Win32-style "silly structs" for parameter passing when converting from POSIX
to NT ids.  Maybe the latter is somewhat short-sighted, though -- the
original idea was to treat these as more opaque credentials, but I
personally feel like that is better left to a higher layer ... what do you

	Oh, and, uh, LGPL, right? :)

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