Full names and user managers

Chavous P. Camp maillist at nudaymedia.com
Tue Jan 4 16:06:13 GMT 2000


I finally managed to get the SAMBA_TNG code. I had to get it from
sernet.pair.com. Anyway, Full names show up as  <Full Name>
I don't mean that the correct name shows up there. I mean the words "Full
Name" show up in brackets everywhere the full name of the current user is
referenced.  For example, I lock my workstation, it says this workstation
has been locked by <Full Name>.
Ok, so it's no big deal. Its only aesthetic. :) but if anyone knows a fix
for it I'd love to hear it. The smbpasswd file does indeed have full names
listed after each user name.

Next on the list - the user manager. It is still telling me that an RPC
error occurred. I thought someone said that the user manager for domains
SHOULD work under samba.... This isn't as big of a deal either, as I have no
problem going to my SSH client to add a user.

I like the new multiple daemon architecture, by the way :).

Chavous P. Camp
hunter at sourcehunter.com
Sourcehunter Group
Columbia, SC

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