Who is using Samba with LDAP and how?

Ignacio Coupeau icoupeau at unav.es
Tue Jan 4 15:30:09 GMT 2000

After a term , with 420 NT ws(4.0 SP5) in 7 domains (classrooms), the
experience is amazing and very stable: no breach at all.
The system worked 24 h/day without any problem. The first month we found
the PDC (linux intel RH kernel 2.2.10) is very sensitive to memory (128
MB runs very fine for 60 simultaneous login).
We are using two LDAP servers (linux, openldap 1.2.7), with 2 processors
(by the way, very idle); these  LDAP serves all LDAP stuff: samba, mail,
web access, and so.
We manage all accounts with a few perl scripts and some crontabs.
In the running system, we use CVS HEAD/15-OCT-99.

On the other hand, I'm testing TNG branch, but I have some troubles
loading the profiles... I going to check the Luke advise about
"samba-TNG: CVS update....".


Richard Sharpe wrote:
> Hi,
> I am interested in knowing who is using Samba with LDAP and how?
> What schemas etc?  How well is it working? Have the recent changes in the
> source code structure caused you problems etc?
> Regards
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