Character set and client code page in samba 2.0.6.

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Mon Jan 3 14:58:06 GMT 2000


    I  have  some  troubles with samba 2.0.6 concerning character
    set and client code page mapings. I have SCO OpenServer 5.0.5
    and  I've  compiled  samba  using  gcc  All Windows
    clients use code page  852  and  server  uses  character  set
    ISO8859-2.  For  this  reason  these  parametres  are  set in
    smb.conf. This  makes  possible  to  copy  files  with  CP852
    characters  in  their  names  from Windows stations and store
    them on server under correctly mapped  names  with  ISO8859-2
    characters.  From  the  point  of  view of the Windows client
    everything works OK till this moment. But what will happen if
    we  try  to  use  smbclient to access Windows PC's share with
    CP852 characters in its name? We can  invoke  smbclient  with
    share's  name  written  with  ISO8859-2  characters  and  get
    connection. In our command all ISO  characters  are  properly
    mapped  to CP852 ones. But if we now execute dir command, the
    result will be completly unreadable. All filenames with CP852
    characters  will  be  distorted  -  some of them will vanish,
    others will be mapped unproperly. To examine the problem more
    closely, one can use below command to save share's listing in
    a file:

         ./smbclient //PCNAME/ISO8859-2_share -c dir > PC.dir

    After opening PC.dir in vi editor we will see that characters
    (for  example) 0x88 and 0xa5 from CP852, are mapped to ^Z and
    character 0x98 is mapped to 0xc2.  One could expect that 0x88
    is  mapped  to  0xb3, 0xa5 to 0xb1 and 0x98 to 0xb6 which are
    ISO8859-2 equivalents of  CP852  characters.  Of  course,  ^Z
    mapped characters are not visible on terminal screen.
    It  is  also  impossible  to  get  correct  result  from this

       ./smbclient //PCNAME/share -c "cd ISO8859-2_dirname;dir"

    Where ISO8859-2_dirname is the equivalent  of  CP852  dirname
    existing on a PC.  We will get such an error:

    cd ISO8859-2_dirname: ERRDOS - ERRbadpath (directory invalid)

    To obtain desirable result, we  are  forced  to  use  such  a
    trick:  we  write share's name using ISO8859-2 equivalents of
    CP852 characters and CP852 characters of PC dirname. A little
    intricate,  isn't  it?   At this moment I gave up and removed
    character set = ISO8859-2 and client code page = CP852  lines
    from smb.conf, but it occured that PC Windows clients are not
    able to copy their files to server if filenames contain CP852
    None of previous 2.x samba versions behaved in this way (I've
    stopped using it because of the incredible low speed  of  put
    and  get  commands).  I was able to manipulate the content of
    PC's share using ISO8859-2 characters in place of CP852  ones
    (although  dir  command  always  returned  listing with CP852
    Now, when I want to get or put the files to the PC  share,  I
    have to use smbclient from 1.9.18 distribution.
    There are two possible explanations of the current situation:
    samba 2.0.6 has errors in code pages handling or I have  done
    something wrong. But what?

		K. Hrebeniuk

Krzysztof Hrebeniuk
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