Samba on VMS

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Sun Jan 2 11:27:32 GMT 2000

> SMBCLIENT, running poorly with one source patch, it keeps dropping
> connections after about 1 minute.

this is such a pain in rpcclient i'm thinking of auto-wrapping it to
reestablish connections... _properly_!
> SMBD is timing out during connection dialogs, and I need to put in some more
> OpenVMS specific tweaks for user authentication.
> RPCCLIENT will require a patch.  It does not have LIB_READLINE support, and

neither does slackware 3.4 or irix.  what gives?  (i'm now using debian
whcih TOTALLY rocks: installed from 8 floppies and then used apt-get
install gcc make patch gdb vim lynx blah, blah and it worked!!!)

> OpenVMS does not implement the extension to the socket library that allows
> socket calls to be used on non-socket channels.

um.... such as select() on stdin?

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