NT & Samba... Pt #2

Samba User samba at capstone.net.au
Sun Jan 2 05:50:48 GMT 2000

OK. After much research and hair-pulling, I still cannot attatch to the
Linux box from NT.

I have used SWAT from the NT box to set up Samba shares - all OK. I can
ping it, I have it's name in the hosts file on the WinNT box and I can ping
it by name OK. I have performed the registry hack on the NT box to disable
encrypted passwords, but I can't see it in Network Neighbourhood at all,
nor can I just tell the NT box to attatch to it. The NT box cannot even see
the Linux box via Windows networking. I can telnet into the Linux box from
the NT box no problems.

Have I missed something here? Does anyone know?


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