SAMBA_TNG status report and design discussion.

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Sun Jan 2 05:12:47 GMT 2000

> i was _going_ to remove the DCE/RPC header parsing in smbd, but instead i
> had to add to it.  see samba-cvs commit message for details.

.... *thinks*.  ok!  got it!  what do you think of this:

SMBwriteX does a write to unix socet (to the msrpc daemon)
SMBreadX does a read on the unix socket.

SMBtrans request does a write.
SMBtrans response does a read.

where, if at all, could i use select() to help with this?

see, currently what i am doing is to construct or send an SMB PDU from
SMBwriteX, SMBreadX, SMBtrans-req and SMBtrans-resp.

i don't think i need to do this, but i can't quite work out why.

help, anyone!

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