Win2K problem looking up SIDs to names.

Jeremy Allison jeremy at
Tue Feb 29 20:14:03 GMT 2000

"Mayers, P J" wrote:
> Can we take it from that remark that code *is currently* being ported from
> the TNG to the HEAD branch?
> Exactly *what* is moving over? (The split daemon architechture I'm
> particularly interested in, as it leads directly to some very neat stuff).

Yes, I am actively filtching working code from tng
and putting it into HEAD and 2.0.x :-).

However, the more radical stuff (the split daemon
architecture) is exactly what I can't move over right
now, as it is (as described) a radical change. I think
it's the right thing to do long term as the code in tng
looks *very* clean here, but it needs careful consideration
before putting into production.

The split daemons will never go into 2.0.x, as I'm trying
to make 2.0.x bugfix and patch updates only but may make
it into HEAD (aka 3.0.x).



Buying an operating system without source is like buying
a self-assembly Space Shuttle with no instructions.

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