remote Printin

lluisma lluisma at
Tue Feb 29 10:57:31 GMT 2000

System Administrator wrote:

> Is it possible to use Samba to print to a remote (Internet connected)
> printer. In other words at a different physical location from the Unix
> box on which samba is running.

Configure freebsd to print to that remote printer(see freebsd handbook for
printing at and then share that printer using samba
running on the same freebsd box. As an aside, it woould be good to update
your freebsd to 3.4-STABLE using cvs update (also describe in the freebsd

> if anyone has knowledge of how to do this, any examples would be
> appreciated.
> We are running FreeBSD 3.2 with the KDE desktop. I have Samba and Ksamba
> installed.

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