Samba Implementation Question

david.o.seeger at david.o.seeger at
Mon Feb 28 14:35:40 GMT 2000

Hello All,
I am new to Samba (and Solaris for that matter) and before I assume so, I want
to ensure that I can accomplish what I am trying to do with Samba.  I hope that
this is the right (proper) forum for this - any assistance is much appreciated.

I am currently configuring a Sun SparcStation (Ultra 1) that does not have a CD
ROM - which I need in order to install some of the software that I will be
using.  I can ftp and telnet to the Sun box from my pc - so, I was able to copy
some items to my PC and ftp them over.  Unfortunately some of the CD files will
not copy to my hard drive (permissions).  I would like to use Samba (on the SUN
SparcStation) to use (mount to) my laptop PC's CDROM drive.  Is this possible
with Samba or do I need to get a CDROM drive and mount it to my SUN Box?

Also, I am not sure how big of an issue this is but....
I am using SWAT and port 901 on my browser to configure samba.  When I click the
"Status" pushbutton, I get a message saying "Couldn't open status file
/usr/local/samba/var/locks/STATUS.LCK".  I don't think this file was installed.
Also, when I try click "Shares" -> "Create Share", I get a message saying
"failed to open /usr/local/samba/lib/smb.conf for writing".  This file was not
installed either.  Did I have an incomplete installation?  Should I have these
files?  Any thoughts???

Thanks in advance,
david.o.seeger at

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