readline checks [Re: Compiling error Samba_TNG]

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Fri Feb 25 20:26:44 GMT 2000

it's ok, i fixed it.

On Fri, 25 Feb 2000, Michael Ju. Tokarev wrote:

> Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:
> > 
> > delete and do a cvs co again.  it would help if i had access to a system
> > with readline on it, the debian install i have has it but configure fails
> > to detect it.
> > 
> > can someone please fix this and send me a patch? thx.
> > 
> > i' refuse to wade through code i can't compile if it doesn't have decent
> > indentation, this code is a mess ( { and } don't line up).
> > 
> []
> Luke, patch against _what_ you need?...  There are too many versions of samba around... :(
> Readline is not detected, as I can guess, because it need to be linked with
> curses/nsurses/terminfo library.  If I wrote
>   cc test.c -lreadline
> things will not compile, leaving some messages like
>   ld: unresolved symbol tputs
>   etc
> But if I wrote
>   cc test.c -lreadline -lcurses  (or -ltermcap or even both (!) )
> all will be ok.
> There is a strange thing with readline (and with any library that uses some termcap/curses
> calls).  With _what_ library final program should be linked? And what libraries are
> avaliable for this on target system?  All of this should be tested: first, check
> if ncurses/curses is here, since it is preferable over termcap, second, check if
> -ltermcap here, and, after finding _one_ of those 3 libs, test if readline is here
> _with_ found lib. I looked to bash sources, where it test version of readline installed,
> and found in config.log something like:
>   ld ... -lreadline -ltermcap -lcurses
>   ld: -ltermcap: library not found
>   configure: readline version is too old, using supplied one
> I noticied that my system does not have libtermcap, but have libcurses (that is enouth
> for readline) and have recent readline...  So tests used by bash is incorrect.
> Another package that used readline was ncftp, but them wrote theyr own (ugly) replacement
> now...
> So with this -- I can't suggest any real test against readline for now...
> As a side note -- what _headers_ was used by readline itself while compiling? Was them
> from termcap or from curses? And (on some platforms maybe) here may be completely
> confusing situation -- if I have both termcap+curses, it will be ok to link with one
> but wrong with another, dependant on headers used...
> And on my solaris, is symlink to
> With linux, situation is harder. (Why linux even provides termcap?! Curses supercedes
> it and have _large_ terminfo database what can be accessed far more quickly when
> termcap file...)
> Does anybody knows correct solution for this?
> P.S. Crossposted to samba and bash-bugs...
> P.P.S. I only subscribed to samba...

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