Configuring the SMBPASSWD file...

Chris Tooley ctooley at
Fri Feb 25 13:34:12 GMT 2000

If possible, I need help with the following:

1>How to 'convert' the /ETC/PASSWD file to a SMBPASSWD file.
2>How to 'convert' the NIS+ password database file to a SMBPASSWD file.
3>How to change a Samba password without knowing the original one.

If you create an account that has a password, say "blue", that you know, you
can edit the smbpasswd file and copy the encrypted version of blue and paste
into the password area of the person you want to change the password for.

4>Information about GUI based applications that can used to administer

What we currently have installed is Solaris OS 2.6 and Samba 2_04b (w/NIS+).

Thanks in advance,
Rick Corbett

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