Romeril, Alan a.romeril at ic.ac.uk
Wed Feb 23 16:55:49 GMT 2000

We run Win9x/NT4 workstations, with NT4 domain controllers and have users
home directories stored on Samba 2.0.6 servers 
( Sun Ultra 5`s / 10`s running Solaris 2.6 / 7, with password server = *)
This is fine for the Win9x/NT4 Clients.  But not for Win2k.

I`ve written to the list before regarding the broken permissions that get
written back to the Samba server when a user logs off which happens with
2.0.6, pre 2.0.7, and TNG 0.5.  Jeremy correctly diagnosed the problem as an
ACL issue in that :-

It does a call_nt_transact_query_security_desc
and gets an error packet 
32 bit error packet at line 81 cmd=160 (SMBnttrans) eclass=c0000023 [Error:
Unknown error (35,49152)]

And it`s all down hill from there.  Logs are available if anyone wants to
see the logon authentication mail me and I`ll forward them, but as they are
2.5 meg gzipped I won`t be posting them to everyone on the list.

I found that setting the protocol to LANMAN2 rather than NT1 allows Win2k
clients to correctly write their profiles back to the Samba server.
Which brings me to the point of this mail.  What, if anything, will we lose
if we change to LANMAN2 whilst the ACL issue is being fixed?  
	- bearing in mind users will be wanting to run Win2k soon.

Many Thanks,


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