[ITTECH] Autogenerating netlogon scripts...

Richard Sharpe sharpe at ns.aus.com
Mon Feb 21 12:29:02 GMT 2000

>Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2000 12:02:20 +1100 (EST)
>From: Charlie Brady <charlieb at aurema.com>
>Subject: [ITTECH] Autogenerating netlogon scripts...
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>A new little tool has been released for automating the generation of
>netlogon scripts. Search for ntlogon on freshmeat if you want to download
>the package. Building it into an e-smith add-on RPM we can use would be a
>great thing....
>Here's the readme, with a sample config file below....
>ntlogon.py v0.5 Copyright 2000 by Avalon Technology Group, Inc.
>This programme is released under the terms of the GNU Public License
>This programme has NO WARRANTY of any kind, use at your own risk.
>As my experience with Linux and Samba increased, I had no trouble whipping up
>a custom Perl, Python or Bash script to create Samba Logon Scripts, but I
>noticed that I changed things from place to place, and that my users had *no*
>chance of ever figuring out how to modify those scripts themselves.
>In an attempt to create a company wide standard that both my co-workers
and my
>customers could *easily* modify I hit upon the scheme I used here.
>I settled on an INI file feel, because most who have experience with Win
>have some concept of INI files.
>The distribution archive contains three files:
>README		This file
>ntlogon.py	The actual Python script (place in /usr/local/samba/bin)
>ntlogon.conf	A sample configuration file (place in /etc)
>This script was created using Python v1.5.2, and I believe it uses only
>standard libraries.
>Your smb.conf file needs to contain a netlogon section similar to the 
>        path = /usr/local/samba/netlogon
>        writeable = no
>        guest ok = no
>        root preexec = /usr/local/samba/bin/ntlogon %U %m
>        root postexec = rm /usr/local/samba/netlogon/%U.bat
>Author	: Timothy Grant
>Company	: Avalon Technology Group, Inc.
>I can be reached at tjg at exceptionalminds.com
>ntlogon website www.exceptionalminds.com/ntlogon
>Please feel free to contact me with any suggestions, improvements, bugs you
>might find.
># Everything in the Global section applies to all users logging on to the
># network
>@ECHO "Welcome to our network!!!"
>NET TIME \\servername /SET /YES
>NET USE F: \\servername\globalshare /YES
># Map the private user area in the global section so we don't have to
># create individual user entries for each user!
>NET USE U: \\servername\%U /YES
># Group entries, User entries and OS entries each start with the
># keyword followed by a dash followed by--appropriately enough the Group
># name, the User name, or the OS name.
>@ECHO "Welcome administrators!"
>NET USE G: \\servername\adminshare1 /YES
>NET USE I: \\servername\adminshare2 /YES
>@ECHO "Be grateful we let you use computers!"
>NET USE G: \\servername\peonshare1 /YES
>@ECHO "What can I do for you today great one?"
>NET USE G: \\servername\hackershare1 /YES
>NET USE I: \\servername\adminshare2 /YES
>@ECHO "Hello there Fred!"
>NET USE F: \\servername\fredsspecialshare /YES
>@ECHO "Time to upgrade isn't it?"
># End configuration file
>Charlie Brady
>Aurema Pty Ltd
> PO Box 305, Strawberry Hills, NSW 2012, Australia
>Email:charlieb at aurema.com, Tel: +61 2 9698 2322, Fax: +61 2 9699 9174
>  "I think it would be a good idea." Ghandi, on Western Civilisation.
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