TNG: making %U work again for logon path et. al.

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Mon Feb 21 23:55:18 GMT 2000

patrick, i added your patch in already.

 and the correct fix is to make get_sec_ctx() read the right vuser_key so
that standard_sub_vuser() can "grab" the right info.

which means a bit of a catch-22 situation, as it's confusing to create the
right info at the right point.

for preference, the %U etc should be substituted in srv_netlogon.c in the
netr_sam_logon function, but THAT means we need a Unicode version of
standard_sub_vuser() and standard_sub_basic()!!!

On Tue, 22 Feb 2000, Patrick J. LoPresti wrote:

> Our smb.conf file for 2.0.x relies on the %U substitution working in
> the "logon path", "logon drive", and "logon home" parameters.  I
> suspect we are not alone in this, especially since the example
> smb.conf file suggests it.
> Anyway, this substitution is currently broken in TNG because of Luke's
> simplification of the relevant interfaces.  The appended patch is a
> (simple but ugly) hack to allow %U to work again for "logon script",
> "logon path", and "logon home".  It only works for smbpasswd
> authentication, I think.
> Note that "%u" (as opposed to "%U") does not work, either, because
> lp_user_string() calls standard_sub_vuser(), which calls
> standard_sub_basic() and not standard_sub().  My patch does nothing to
> address this.
> I do not understand this stuff well enough to know the "right" way to
> fix this, but I thought I would throw it out for discussion.
>  - Pat

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