(M)IDL compiler

Sander Striker s.striker at striker.nl
Mon Feb 21 23:42:36 GMT 2000

>there were a couple of people i know who were interested in such a
>project.  please speak now (again), on samba-technical, if you were or

Heh heh, I suspected you couldn't keep quiet Luke :-)

Ok. Here's the deal, I'm currently working on an implementation of
a MIDL (MS Interface Defenition Language) compiler. I still need to
work out the details, because MIDL is underspecified. IDL, however,
is fully specified; there is an BNF spec available. I'm now trying
to incorporate the MS specific features of MIDL into IDL, for which
I have a working parser. I will be posting a BNF spec of MIDL here,
for MS techies to confirm (please do!). If anyone has already made
the effort of creating a BNF spec of MIDL, I would be very grateful
if I could use it for the development of the MIDL compiler.
The major complications lie in what MIDL differs from IDL; is it an
extension, or a cut down implementation of IDL, or both?

Sander Striker

PS. For MS tech who know the MIDL spec and only want to talk about
    diffs, here's a pointer to the BNF IDL spec:


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