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It is a known issue, but I believe it is no different than a "disk
full" situation. NT places limits on the registry size one can
reasonably assume to prevent the registry from growing too large for
the OS to manage (there are functional and absolute limits on the
registry size relative to system resources and OS requirements). I
have encountered this problem before, most notably the inability to
do certain things on Citrix servers. This has been documented by
Citrix technical support staff.

It appears that, allowing for some inconsistent language in the
below-referenced KB articles, the settings noted by Mr. Kuit and the
registry settings are directly related. However, my registry does not
shop the referenced RSL entry to support the size indicated in the
referenced dialog. 

In Q176083, note that the popup dialog to warn of impending limit
only appears *once per boot cycle*. If the machine has been running
for some time in a marginal state, someone may have cleared the popup
and told no one. Running performance monitor would be in order.

For more relevant or helpful information on registry size limits:

Q176083: System Is Running Low on Registry Quota

Q124594: Understanding and Configuring Registry Size Limit (RSL)

Q126402: PagedPoolSize and NonPagedPoolSize Values in Windows NT

Q189119: UserEnv Returns Corrupted Profile for All Failures Including
RSL Exceeded

Q152721: Low on Registry Quota Error Gives Wrong Steps for Resolution

Q171793: Information on Application Use of 4GT RAM Tuning

Hope this helps.


R. Michael Williams
Network Consultant
Inacom Networks
Nashville, TN  

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Subject: Profiles/Policies: Beware the Registry Size (fwd)

does anyone know if this is a known problem on nt or not?  it's
not related to samba, it could happen in a pure nt-only environment.


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Subject: Profiles/Policies: Beware the Registry Size

Disclaimer: This is not a problem or feature of Samba as a PDC, but
of interest to people setting up domains.


The problem seems to fall to a registry size limit on the NT
which can be accessed by
Control Panel -> System -> Performance -> (Virt. Mem)Change

This brings up the Virtual Memory properties dialog box, and at the
of it shows current and maximum registry sizes.

The problem was the maximum registry size was set to the same value
as the
current registry size, so once the profile was loaded, there simply
any more room for the policy to be loaded into the registry, so the
dont take any effect, and because it doesn't give any warning
messages for
not having enough room, it remains a mystery to most people.

This could be a source of alot of 'my policies dont work' type

The moral of the story is: Check the maximum registry size.

Just trying to help =)




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