Problem authenticating users with versions 2.0.[6-7]

David Collier-Brown davecb at
Thu Feb 17 16:22:34 GMT 2000

"Michael A. Ewing" wrote:
>        password server =

Herb Lewis wrote:
>> This needs to be the NetBIOS name (see the man page)

	Oh my sainted aunt's garters, I missed that entirely!

	In param/loadparm.c, in globals_ok(), the function
	I proposed for doing the cross-checks, add:

   /* Password server should be a netbios name. */
   if (Globals.szPasswordServer != NULL
     && (strchr(Globals.szPasswordServer, '.') != NULL 
       || strlen(Globals.szPasswordServer) >= 15)) {
        DEBUG(0,("ERROR: password server \"%s\" is not a legal "
                 "NetBIOS name, password service will fail.\n",
        bRetval = False;

	Ditto for any other netbios parms...

--dave (anyone want to volunteer to check my proposed 
	param-check code and add it to 2.0.7, please?) c-b
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