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Thu Feb 17 15:02:04 GMT 2000

[Oops!  I was going through my mailbox, and found I'd forgotten to 
reply to this]
> > Peter Polkinghorne wrote:
> OK I think I understand what you suggest for measuring - though presumably
> 4) is hard to do - you just submit a request and in due course it is done
> - though may be in case of writes asynchronously?
> Do you not to rely on OS figures for disks?

	Not directly: on the application side, wrapping the
	write(2) in calls to a timer will suffice.

> What I was interested in was some overall statistics to give an idea of how
> hard a server was working and for whom.

	Ah: different question.

	I haven't thought about a "single statistic" for Samba:
	they usually require a better brain than I have (;-))

	Stealing an idea from the Unix definition of "load", we 
	might report the number of SMBDs waiting for disk i/o 
	and the number either wating for CPU or running.  That 
	would be a "figure of merit" that might well match the 
	intuitive definition of	"how hard is samba working"....

	Cool idea...

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