Problem authenticating users with versions 2.0.[6-7

Michael A. Ewing mewing at
Wed Feb 16 20:05:10 GMT 2000

I recently downloaded the Samba-2.0.6 code to upgrade our samba server to
the most current version.   However, during testing of the binaries, I have 
encountered problems with the user authentication.

Has the method for using a "password server" for authenticating users changed
with the Samba-2.0.6 and the Samba-2.0.7 versions?

I have compiled both the Samba-2.0.6 and the Samba-pre-2.0.7 source codes for
testing.   For the tests, I am using a slightly modified version of the 
configuration file that is currently being used successfully with the Samba-2.0.5a
server that we have running.

I am compiling and testing the code on a HP workstation that is running HP-UX
Following are the variable definitions from the global section of the smb.conf
file which we use to specify the parameters for user authentication.

       revalidate = False
       encrypt passwords = yes
       password level = 0
       guest account = daemon
       security = server
       password server =
       hosts allow = 128.255.
       browsable = yes
       protocol = NT1

I installed the binaries and configuration file for testing.  I then used the
"smbclient" binary to test the server.   For each test, the following error
message was displayed on the console after the password was entered.

   session setup failed: ERRSRV - ERRbadpw (Bad password - name/password
   pair in a Tree Connect or Session Setup are invalid.)

The entries in the logfiles for each test session indicated the following
error message:

   attempt_netbios_session_request: S-WIN00.WIN.ICAEN.UIOWA.EDU rejected the
   session for name *SMBSERVER.

After failing to authenticate via the "password server", the session then 
attempted to use the local smbpasswd file.

Also, when I used the Samba-2.0.[6,7] "smbclient" binaries to connect to the 
Samba-2.0.5a server, the login attempt was successful, but attempts to execute
certain commands at the "smb" prompt returned the following message:

   smb: /> ls <CR>
   ERRDOS - ERRbadfile (File not found.) listing \*

I installed the Samba-2.0.5a binaries on the system on which I am testing 
the Samba-2.0.6 and Samba-2.0.7 binaries.   When I tested the older version
binaries, they worked just fine.

I have checked the FAQ documentation as well as the newsgroup listings, but 
did not see any messages that dealt with this type of problem.

Can you provide any suggestions on what I can try in order to resolve these

Thank you very much for any assistance you can provide.

Michael Ewing

Michael A. Ewing                       University of Iowa
Systems Analyst                        Electrical and Computer Engineering Dept.
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