SYSKEY2 code, and new random data source

Pete Chown Pete.Chown at
Tue Feb 15 10:23:22 GMT 2000

Dan Kaminsky wrote:

> 	As long as you're hacking on RNG stuff, mind tossing in support
> for EGD, the Entropy Gathering Daemon?  For "suitably paranoid" types,
> it'd be nice :-)  EGD just creates a socket file you pop entropy off of...

It shouldn't be too hard.  I'll collect a list of requests and then
produce a new version.  I'm sure there will be issues to do with
integrating it into the Samba code base as well.

What were you thinking about using EGD for?  I could implement an RNG
like Yarrow, that is periodically reseeded with fresh entropy.
Alternatively I could just use EGD as a source of entropy for
constructing the SYSKEY2 value.

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