NT ACL / Security descriptor checking function

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at samba.org
Sat Feb 12 00:07:39 GMT 2000

On Sat, 12 Feb 2000, Michael Stockman wrote:

> Hello,
> > On Sat, 12 Feb 2000, David Collier-Brown wrote:
> >
> > > Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:
> > > > this was discussed four to five months ago, my recommendation
> was to do it
> > > > the other way round: map immediately out as soon as possible to
> NT
> > > > security descriptors, and maintain for as long as possible NT
> SDs before
> > > > converting to, say... POSIX or Unix ACls or file permissions.
> > > >
> > > > reason: you don't want to impose a restriction, in the
> file-system
> > > > example, of mapping to POSIX-based ACLs, only to find later that
> the
> > > > underlying filesystem actually supports a much richer ACL
> implementation
> > > > thatn the [limited] POSIX one, or even fully supports NT
> security
> > > > descriptors, such as the linux NTFS drivers.
> > >
> > > I mildly agree: I speculate you have two modules,
> > > one which just looks up the ACLS in an underlying
> > > filesystem that supports them all, or supports
> > > a superset. This may well be a stub unless you happen
> > > to have linux NTFS handy...
> >
> > ok.  what you do is you implement vfs-table "modules" that handle
> > different filesystem mappings.  the API takes NT security
> descriptor.
> Actually, what I want is a "can do it all" ACL implementation. And
> that is why we must own the implementation, not be depending on
> someone not having this requirement. I don't trust that NT ACLs is a
> superset of all ACL implementations.

ok, that's a good enough reason to consider a "higher-level" ACL api.

[i'm going to avoid using "NT" now in case you have something against NT.  
if you had used a word other than "trust", i would not fel the need to do

for example, that rainbow book talks about restricting access on a
per-time-of-day basis, which is fairly... extreme!

my suspicions are that you won't find any real-world ACL implementations
that are any better than the VAX/VMS security model (on which NT is
based).  and if theree are any, it's probably going to be very few
features that do not have VMS-equivalents.

then agian, neither of us are authorities on the subject.

my suggestion would be, simply to avoid duplicating effort to produce an
ACL api that is a [potential] superset of VMS-security descriptors, is to
_use_ VMS-security descriptors as the baseline, until it can be proven
that there exists a real-world ACL impleentation that does more.
> > for unix-perms, the vfs-chmodACL function is implemented using
> jeremy's
> > code in nttrans.c  it takes a security descriptor, and depending on
> > whether the target is a dir or a file, you map it to a subset of
> unix
> > ugo+rwx permissions.
> Changing the ACL on an ACL capable file system also not necessarily a
> trivial thing considering the possibilty that the file system may not
> support all bit NT support or it may supprt bits NT doesn't that we
> want to preserve.

jeemy has done a perfectly good job of coming up with heuristics to turn
VMS security descriptors into a unix file permissions.  from what i
understand, the rules are simple: throw away any bits you can't use.
they're only going to be useful to us (the remaining bits) +_anyway_.

it should therefore be a trivial job to examine that code and create, say,
a POSIX-based ACL implementation.

or, john malmberg to do a VMS-based one.

> > for POSIX-acl-perms, the vfs-chmodACL function is implemented
> ccording to
> > the guidelines described in www.fas.org/irp/nsa/rainbow/tg020-a.htm
> or if
> > someone want to go through the process of reinventing the wheel,
> they can.
> POSIX based ACL to me is an ACL that contains the POSIX uids and gids
> rather than any other id (RID). This must not be an ACL built from an
> rwxrwxrwx kind of permission.

yes, i understand this.  by the way, it's SIDs not RIDs.

> I want this because I think it is the most obvious that we on a POSIX
> system sets permissions using the POSIX id. Rationale, samba is POSIX,
> NT is NT and they meet on the net, not on the POSIX system.

please read http://cb1.com/~lkcl/cifs/draft-lkcl-sidtouidmap-01.html, i've
already covered exactly this issue, i'm not discussing it again in detail.

please refer to the section that covers VMS ACL to POSIX ACL or unix
permission conversion.

thx michael,


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