Win2k & Samba compatibility?

Luke Howard lukeh at PADL.COM
Thu Feb 10 23:18:22 GMT 2000

>Microsoft is using a proprietary Privilage Authorization Certificate.  
>Note the word "Authorization".  Kerberos was originally designed as an 
>Authentication service.  PACs were added as an option for K5.  Microsoft 
>has (last I heard) chosen not to release info about their PACs.

Microsoft told me that they were still deciding whether to release the
format of the PACs. Assar Westerlund, author of Heimdal (a freely
available Kerberos V implementation) has done some work decoding the
PACs. See the notes in the Heimdal distribution and/or Kerberos mailing
list archives.


-- Luke
Luke Howard
PADL Software Pty Ltd

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