2.0.6: WARNING: dfree is broken on this system (after setting wins hook)

Denis Sbragion sbragion at email.com
Wed Feb 9 08:56:17 GMT 2000


after settings the "wins hook" parameter in the smb.conf file to provide
dns dynamic updates the following message has started to appear on the log:

Feb  9 09:38:21 Server smbd[15806]: [2000/02/09 09:38:21, 0]
Feb  9 09:38:21 Server smbd[15806]:   WARNING: dfree is broken on this system

This happens only after the Explorer is opened for the first time on
Win98/95 machines. Explorer delays for few seconds and then starts the
right way, providing correct informations on disk sizes. Subsequent opens
are right, without delays or any message in the log. The server is a
Slackware 3.4 with samba 2.0.6.
Is it a bug?

FYI: the "wins hook" parameter works pretty well. Anyway I'm using a
different dns_update script which provides either A, PTR or CNAME records
insertions depending on the wins type, with filters on specific NetBIOS
names, IP addresses or WINS types. If it could be useful I will send it to
the Samba Team. The script has been tested only with Slackware 3.4 with
bind 8.2.2-P5 with a small patch to nsupdate (because it has a bug which
causes seg faults) an has no documentation at all, apart some comments in
the script itself.

Thanks to the Samba Team for their great work.

	Denis Sbragion
	Tel, Fax: +39 039 2324054
	URL: http://infotecna.home.dhs.org

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