SYSKEY, TNG freeze, 2.0.x->TNG merge and other thoughts

Tim Potter tpot at
Wed Feb 9 13:55:15 GMT 2000

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton writes:

> >    I'm now for it as Luke's LDAP/NIS/other name services argument is a
> >    winning one. The /etc/shadow approach should still be supported and
> >    used where no such cleartext protocols are in use.
> the SYSKEY2 thing also means that private/smbpasswd can be made
> world-readable.  sounds weird, neh?  WAIT - hear me out, before shooting
> mouths and telling me it's a stupid idea.  i didn't say make the SYSKEY2
> key world-reabalb, that _is_ a stupid idea.

Can anyone tell me what SYSKEY and SYSKEY2 actually are?


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