preallocated file size

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Tue Feb 8 18:01:47 GMT 2000

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> I may be away, but through the magic of the internet
> (and the Computing in High Energy Physics conference :-) I'm still trying
> to get work done :-) :-).
> We could prbably do a simpler (and nastier :-) fix, by assuming
> that if a write fails with ENOSPC, then we should truncate at 
> the requested seek postion for the file. Hmmm. I can see problems
> with this though - and I *hate* the idea of adding the overhead
> above to fix what is essentially a client bug...
> Maybe when a client does a filesize set, we should do the
> above space check. Yes - I like that, it's much
> cleaner. It also means no special new flag in the fd
> struct Dave, just do your space check on the setlength
> call and refuse an error if it would be over quota.
> What dou you think ?
	Maybe only do this for NT clients.

	Under Unix, the actual disk space is not alocated until it is
written to -- consequently, there are a few Unix apps that expect to be able
to get away with seeking and writing way out into a file, even if the
resulting file size would be more than allowed by disk space or quota.

	So, this might cause issues for Unix SMB clients.

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