Using NT registry calls to solve CR-LF issue with text files.

Gunnar Degnbol degnbol at
Tue Feb 8 01:20:37 GMT 2000

I have looked at the GETATTR and SETATTR calls in NFS3 (RFC1813).  The 
fattr3 (returned by GETATTR) and sattr3 (argument to SETATTR) structures 
contain the right information, but a Windows client knows nothing of UIDs 
and GIDs, so they should be names (or numbers as ascii).  The functions 
should take a file name (share\backslash\file) instead of a handle.

Perhaps the server should not invent likely values for fields in fattr3 
that does not make sense to the filesystem.  We don't need more bogus 
attributes.  In NFS2 the sattr structure used -1 for fields that were not 
set, in NFS3 there are discriminated unions for each field.  It would be 
more Microsoft-like and also simpler to use a 32 bit flags field.

Many of the NFS error codes that can be returned seem to be NFS design 
errors.  We should use DOS/Windows errors.

The NFS SETATTR call is not guaranteed to be atomic.  It may change some 
requested attributes but not other.  I don't understand why.  SETATTR 
returns the old and the new attributes, and an error code.  If it is atomic 
it is enough to return the old attributes or an error code.

At 08:49 08-02-2000 +1100, Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:
>if you're concerned about >64k, create a DCE/RPC pipe.  send me an IDL
>file, i'll create parsing code for it, and add it to samba.

>should be simple to do.
>i'll help you write, or i will write,  DCE/RPC client and server code on
>samba, if you create the IDL file and worry about the Win95 and NT side.

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