Samba 2.0.7-pre1 and Windows 2000 with Roaming-profiles

Mattias.Gronlund Mattias.Gronlund at
Mon Feb 7 22:56:46 GMT 2000


I haven't read anything about this, so I think it is time to
speek up.

We use roaming profile for all our users, and it works fine to
store them on SAMBA 2.0.5a when using NT4 and Win9[58] clients.
But when we have tried with W2K it don't work. We will get a
directory named as a control character and no working profiles.
We had hoped that this should be fixed in 2.0.7 but our tests
did show the problem when testing the pre-release.

If someone more into the SMB protocol could check this out it
would be great. I'm willing to help in all ways that I can.

Thanks for a great job with SAMBA!


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