preallocated file size

David Collier-Brown davecb at
Mon Feb 7 18:40:49 GMT 2000

jeremy at wrote:
> I may be away, but through the magic of the internet
> (and the Computing in High Energy Physics conference :-) I'm still trying
> to get work done :-) :-).
> We could prbably do a simpler (and nastier :-) fix, by assuming
> that if a write fails with ENOSPC, then we should truncate at
> the requested seek postion for the file. Hmmm. I can see problems
> with this though - and I *hate* the idea of adding the overhead
> above to fix what is essentially a client bug...

	In the Win95 case, the server says ENOSPC and the
	client says "delete the file", so we don't need
	to worry about 95. Assuming 98 is the same, the
	only twitchyness is with NT.
> Maybe when a client does a filesize set, we should do the
> above space check. Yes - I like that, it's much
> cleaner. 
> What dou you think 

	Cool: if NT does an explicit set (I haven't seen 
	logs, so I'd assumed it wrote the last block) then
	a check against the quota at that time would do the
	job. And it would be portable, in the weak sense that
	quotas are portable (;-))

	Can someone send me a log of NT being silly?
	Preferably with quotas turned on!

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