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>> There is still another bug in Samba. When writing a file to share that
>> is larger than the free space on the disk the file is allocated with
>> its full length. During the copy process you'll get an error, but the
>> file will be left on the samba-share and it will be reported with it's
>> original size. A full report can be read at
>> The same happens when quotas are
>> used. I send this problem to this list some weeks ago, but it seams to
>> unimportant to the mass.
>It's not unimportant, it's just unclear how to
>fix it ! The client is expliticly setting the file
>size, then one of the writes into the file is failing
>(probably with ENOSPC). Now what should Samba do here ?
>The client *explicitly* told us what file size to set.
>Do we then override that and deliberately truncate the
>file on write fail ? Should we do this ? Opinions
If the file is truncated and an error-message on the client will popup,
the user will click on the message and still can see his file. He won't
recognize the problem, even if it would have the correct size (size
after truncating, but smaller than original). So the user will collect
damaged files and we will not understand what is going wrong. So there
should no file be written if it will not fit on the disk or quota. 
If this problem is changed, will it work with quota's, too? Or is there
no development in the quota-support at the moment?
I don't understand this quotassituation. Is there nobody who is using

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