pre2.0.7 "PANIC"; is it quotas?

David Lee T.D.Lee at
Mon Feb 7 15:27:07 GMT 2000

Firstly, did the folk preparing 2.0.7 for release see my message last
week, whose MessageID was:
  <Pine.GSO.3.95-960729.1000202165540.22774F-100000 at>
outlining a few minor problems.

Now to a significant problem on our Solaris 2.x test installation.

As you may recall from my messages over the last few months, we have some
20,000 registered UNIX users, with several hundred simultaneous
connections to three Sun Solaris 2.x fileservers.  We began dabbling with
Samba about a year ago, our "point of no return" commitment was about six
months ago.  It has given us very good service: we are very impressed. 

BUT... the pre-release 2.0.7 seems to have introduced a fundamental bug.
I configured and installed it in exactly the same way as we have done for
2.0.3, 2.0.4b and 2.0.6 (including a couple of "pre" 2.0.6).

It connects, but then when I try something trivial such as:
   COPY pcfile.ext J:\samfile.ext
to copy a PC file up to Samba (I debug at a DOS prompt!) it fails:
   An unexpected network error occured.

Turning up the debug level on the Samba daemon gives:

   [2000/02/07 14:54:32, 3] ../smbd/process.c:switch_message(448)
     switch message SMBtrans2 (pid 15954)
   [2000/02/07 14:54:32, 4] ../smbd/uid.c:become_user(186)
     Skipping become_user - already user
   [2000/02/07 14:54:32, 3] ../smbd/trans2.c:call_trans2qfsinfo(1125)
     call_trans2qfsinfo: level = 259
   [2000/02/07 14:54:32, 5] ../smbd/quotas.c:disk_quotas(283)
     disk_quotas: looking for path "." devno=40000033
   [2000/02/07 14:54:32, 5] ../smbd/quotas.c:disk_quotas(295)
     disk_quotas: testing "/" devno=40000030
   [2000/02/07 14:54:32, 5] ../smbd/quotas.c:disk_quotas(295)
     disk_quotas: testing "/usr" devno=40000036
   [2000/02/07 14:54:32, 5] ../smbd/quotas.c:disk_quotas(295)
     disk_quotas: testing "/proc" devno=244000000
   [2000/02/07 14:54:32, 5] ../smbd/quotas.c:disk_quotas(295)
     disk_quotas: testing "/export" devno=40000033
   [2000/02/07 14:54:32, 5] ../smbd/quotas.c:disk_quotas(330)
     disk_quotas: mount type "ufs"
   [2000/02/07 14:54:32, 5] ../smbd/quotas.c:disk_quotas(342)
     disk_quotas: looking for quotas file "/export/quotas"
   [2000/02/07 14:54:32, 0] ../lib/util_sec.c:assert_uid(56)
     Failed to set uid privileges to (0,420) now set to (420,0)
   [2000/02/07 14:54:32, 0] ../lib/util.c:smb_panic(2367)
     PANIC: failed to set uid
   [2000/02/07 14:54:35, 1] ../smbd/service.c:make_connection(545)
     itspc120 ( connect to service amd as user amd (uid=420, gid=420)
    (pid 15965)
   [2000/02/07 14:54:35, 0] ../lib/util_sec.c:assert_uid(56)
     Failed to set uid privileges to (0,420) now set to (420,0)
   [2000/02/07 14:54:35, 0] ../lib/util.c:smb_panic(2367)
     PANIC: failed to set uid

But now, even such a trivial file operation causes a "PANIC".  Note that
we use quotas.  The "quotas.c" file seems unchanged since 2.0.6.  (In
fairness I should point out that we used a form modified to handle Veritas
quotas, but that applies both to earlier versions and this pre-2.0.7:  and
this problem is on a "neat" UFS filesystem, nothing to do with Veritas.) 

My suspicion is that the "setuid" type of operations, such as
restore_re_uid(), might have changed, and now be failing.  (The only thing
I know about this area is to be afraid, to be very afraid ...) 

Any thoughts?  Anyone else hit problems in this area?  (Or even able to
report success with Solaris 2.x+quotas+pre2.0.7 ?) 


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