Win2k & Samba compatibility?

jeremy at jeremy at
Mon Feb 7 11:32:28 GMT 2000

> Hi all,
> I'm going to be giving a talk this week at the university LUG regarding Samba.
> Given the timing of this talk, and the diversity of the group that'll be
> attending :), someone is bound to ask the obvious questions re: getting Samba
> to work with Win2k. :)  I see from the samba-ntdom archive that Win2k is now
> able to log into a Samba-TNG PDC.  That's great news!  How difficult is this
> to get working?  And is this likely to be ported to any of the other CVS
> branches?
> I remember catching something last month about Win2k running in "NT4
> compatibility mode".  Is this still required for domain logins?  What about
> Kerberos 5 support--are we likely to see that in Samba any time soon? :)

Well, I intend to add kerb5 support as soon as we get significant
user demand for it. I'm trying not to get onto the Microsoft
treadmill of adding new stuff to keep up with Windows - that
way lies an endless sprint to keep up :-).

I expect to get demand for kerb5 as it's such an improved
authentication method - but not for a few months yet. 
This should give us time to add *our* improved stuff - like 
NT printer driver downloads, Tim's VFS, Luke's advanced domain
stuff -  into the "stable" source \branch.



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