Win2k + 2.0.6 - incorrect "Size on disk" display.

Andrej Borsenkow Andrej.Borsenkow at
Mon Feb 7 10:23:22 GMT 2000

Win2k Professional build 2195 - final release from  MSDN. SAMBA 2.0.6 +
date/time patch (first version I believe).

Right click file on SAMBA -> properties. Win2k has additional "Size on disk"
field. This seems to be always shown as "256 KB (262 144 bytes)"
irrespectively of the actual file size. This does not depend on wether I
access mapped drive or UNC path. Filesystem type as reported by SAMBA should
be default (NTFS) - I did not change it.

Note, that this information is not meaningless for UNIX. Consider

- size on disk is always multiple of allocation unit.
- for sparse files with holes size on disk is (significantly) less than
virtual file length.
- I recall reading something about encrypting/compressing file system for

Unfortunately, there is porbably no portable way to find the first two
items. I suggest, as useful approximation, to just to return file size. It
is better than what happens currently.


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