High-availability cluster and samba

Nicolas Williams Nicolas.Williams at wdr.com
Fri Feb 4 18:29:25 GMT 2000


I don't see what that script does as far as running two Samba servers
on the same host, each binding to a different set of IP addresses and
each using a different set of NetBIOS names and aliases.

Or do you only support one personality per host at any time?

Where I work we have a Samba HA system built on top of Solaris +
Veritas HA.

Veritas HA is based on the takeover-the-failed-host's-IP-addresses-and-
services model.

But note that when you take over a failed host's IP addresses you're not
changing the resolution of the failed host's _names_ to a different set
of IP addresses.

It is the need to keep the failed host's names resolving to the failed
host's IP addresses that dictates that one must make use of 'bind
interfaces' and 'interfaces' to make sure that each instance of
smbd/nmbd binds only to the appropriate set of IP addresses no matter
which member of the cluster they happen to be running on.

This all means that each instance of Samba running on a given host must
be configured differently. We work around this requirement by using
environment variables and %$() syntax in the standard config files we
use. We also use the -n option to tell nmbd the NetBIOS name as you
cannot use %$() syntax in the 'netbios name' paramater. See recent
threads on samba-technical about my 'source environment' and
handle_netbios_name patch.

***** Aside about SAMBA_TNG

Luke, can you make sure that smbd communicates with the MSRPC daemons in
SAMBA_TNG in a way that allows the running of more than one set of
daemons per host, with each set being conceptually separate as I showed

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