Questions about unsupported registry hive (perfmon data)

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Thu Feb 3 23:52:43 GMT 2000

>  The windows client does a REG_INFO (opcode 0x11) "Global" in the
>  PERFORMANCE_DATA tree, gets a sizable response with
>  "STATUS_BUFFER_OVERFLOW" (Hint is set to 0x93ec, if that means
>  anything), and reads a bunch of info from the same fileid in SMB
>  packets until it stops getting STATUS_BUFFER_OVERFLOW packets.
>  The Samba client sends a similar request, but gets a short response,
>  which rpcclient reports as:

hi steve, check samba tech archives, your previos address failed to send.

can you send me a #define for STATUS_BUFFER_OVERFLOW, and also look up the
Win32 error code 234 (decimal)?

the rpc client code is incorrectly interpreting the error as an NT STATUS
code, see include/nterr.h for the decimal op codes.

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