notice for VFS conversion (Re: FEATURE REQ: safe % expansion via new syntax)

Tim Potter tpot at
Fri Feb 4 15:14:10 GMT 2000

Tomoki AONO writes:

> in <14488.16122.652823.60662 at gargle.gargle.HOWL>,
> tpot at wrote:
> >> I'll try and get the VFS merge into head happening today.
> Please keep in mind that dos_*() calls dos_to_unix(), file
> name conversion, on file name argument.  I had trouble on
> accessing files or directories that names are in
> non-alphabet (I use Japanese with 'coding system = cap'
> and cannot access many files with kanji file name) when
> vfs merge is committed on MAIN (now SAMBA_TNG) branch last
> year.

Wow - thanks for that.  I was wondering what those dos_to_unix() calls
actually did.  Now I know.  (-:

I've applied the patch you gave in PR#15527 and found a few extra ones
that we both missed.



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