TNG and LDAP compile errors (Makefile)

Ignacio Coupeau icoupeau at
Thu Feb 3 16:26:05 GMT 2000

with ./configure --with-ldap

I  found this error:
	> Linking bin/swat bin/.libs/ undefined reference to

I solved it adding the line "rpc_server/srv_lookup.o \" in two places:

SWAT_OBJ = web/cgi.o web/diagnose.o web/startstop.o web/statuspage.o \
           web/swat.o libsmb/passchange.o $(LOCKING_OBJ) \
--->       rpc_server/srv_lookup.o \
           $(SIDDB_OBJ) \

SMBPASSWD_OBJ = utils/smbpasswd.o libsmb/passchange.o \
                libsmb/clienttrust.o \
                rpc_client/cli_netlogon_sync.o \
--->		rpc_server/srv_lookup.o \
           	$(SIDDB_OBJ) $(STUB_UID_OBJ)

If the swap stuff is removed, the error is showed in other places.

Some checks:
1. If I compile without ldap, the makefile differs only in the ldap
libraries line...
2. A find in the ldap stuff shows:
> find . -name "*ldap*.[c,h]" -exec grep lookup_sid {} \;
>         if (lookup_sid(user_sid, name, &type))
>         if (lookup_sid(user_sid, name, &type))
>         if (lookup_sid(&sid, name, &type))

So, I suggest the makefile for the ldap should include the srv_lookup.o
where the lookup_sid are resolved...

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