very slow "network login" over PPP

Daniel Stenberg Daniel.Stenberg at
Thu Feb 3 09:23:15 GMT 2000

Dan Kaminsky wrote:

> And now, drum roll please, can I expose arbitrary login-friendly hosts to
> whatever login script I damn well please?

My guess is that you must be able to do that. Since it will run what-ever
login script you pass it without "flooding" it, what difference would
there be?

My experiment server I have running here sends a really nasty login script
to whoever logins to my network using any username, any password on any
domain. I can't see why a faster login thanks to speedier packets would
change the client's acceptance to run what the server tells it to.

My 'nasty' program disables the 'login to domain' checkbox in the dialup
properties for the currently used dialup connection that lead to the login
attempt... :-)

Imagine what fun you could have with a little hack like this on a portable
that you connect to your favourite company's network. Then you can just
sit and wait until you hear the screams and shouts down the hallways...

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