Using %u in an include parameter

Richard Sharpe sharpe at
Tue Feb 1 19:52:01 GMT 2000


it would be very useful in some cases to be able to do:

   include = /etc/smb.conf.%u

However, Samba precludes that at the moment.  This is because the function
handle_include in source/param/loadparm.c does a standard_sub_basic on the
file name that is specified, but not a standard_sub.

It does not do a standard_sub because it was not passwd a connection
structure, because reload_shares was not passed a connection structure, and
there are other cases where it is called and no connection structure is

I propose the following.  handle_include should have an extra parameter: a
connection structure.  If this param is NULL, it will not call
standard_sub, but if non-NULL, it will call standard_sub on the file name.

Because handle_include is called from do_parameter, which is called as a
call-back, we will have to make provision to give the parsing functions an
argument that is passwd to both do_parameter and do_section.

However, this is not that difficult.

Is it worthwhile to do?

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