[samba-tng] status

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at samba.org
Thu Feb 3 02:15:44 GMT 2000


sander's doing netlogon conversion, he's just gone to sleep.

elrond's doing lsarpc conversion, he doesn't like the msdn api format, but
then again, neither do any msdn developers like lsa_lookup_sids and

[elrond, would you be happy with a client-side "wrapper" function that
looks like rpc_client/cli_lsarpc.c's lsa_lookup_names?]

sean millichamp's first foray into programming for a while resulted in
srvsvc conversion, he even had fun doing it.

lars volunteered for srv_reg.c, and is having the same conceptual
difficulties with the task to be carried out that sean _used_ to have
before sander explained in a mini HOWTO (Thx sander)!

luke howard hates passdb/*.c and groupdb/*.c as much as i do.  he's not
touched the pre-existing schema so he's created an nt5ldap schema.  it all
works, but falls down silly in exactly the same way that the smbpsswd API
samrd does (i.e without --with-ldap).

luke also liked the surs thing so much he wrote a surs_nt5ldap_sid_to_uid
function - in 20 lines of code.  YESS :)

i'm also trying to get luke h. to write a samrnt5ldapd, but he coded
himself silly on the passdb/ groupbd/ version so needs a rest.  i'm also
encouraging him to "track" what i do for samtdbd, so he doesn't have to
waste effort.

i'm _trying_ to write samtdbd, but the rest of you are so busy in the
mornings (when i'm not even up) that i had 100 email messages when i
_started_ work and they just kept on coming...

anyway, i got usrmgr to actually display a user-dialog today.

i have two outstanding problems, one of which is how to make the user
passwords secure even though the database itself may be accessible
read-only (just like /etc/passwd is).  i have an idea, i'll post an rfc in
a separate message.

the other one is how to do a SamrQueryUserInfo() at level 0x18 on local
loopback but NOT on network access.

i not sure...


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