Samba pre-2.0.7 snapshot available. (VxFS patch)

Shirish Kalele kalele at
Wed Feb 2 21:41:11 GMT 2000

> > On Thu, 3 Feb 2000, David Lee wrote:
> >
> > > Status report.  (Possibly more to follow, but things are busy, so I'd
> > > better fire this off now, rather than leaving it all until too late.)
> > >
> > > o  No sign of the inclusion of Veritas quotas (Solaris 2.x)
> > >    Any news on this patch (and/or from Veritas and Sun)?
> >
> > I'm using Samba 2.0.x with quotas on Solaris_x86 2.6 since long time
> > Works fine for me. Are there any additions on the way ?
> > Or are there a need for patches to wok on Veritas FS ?
> Indeed, we have had no trouble with out-of-the-box Solaris (2.5, 2.5.1,
> 2.6, 7) on sparc, and I guess that Solaris_x86 would likewise be OK.
> The patch is specifically for when Veritas FS (VxFS) is added to Solaris.
> VxFS has quotas, but the mechanics are completely different.
> Case 1: Some systems hide this (I think HPUX is one such): the user calls
> a generic OS quotas subroutine which internally calls the native
> filesystem or VxFS as appropriate.  No problem.
> Case 2: The remainder (of which Solaris is one) require the caller to work
> out whether the filesystem is native or VxFS and for the caller then to do
> different things accordingly.  Problem (for Samba, C, Perl, scripts, ...).
> The Samba patch was developed for Solaris+VxFS, it ought to be reasonably
> portable to other systems.  BUT... I understand that Veritas's preferred
> solution is for the OS manufacturer to implement "Case 1" above.
> If they don't, then Samba needs to do "Case 2".  The programming interface
> for "Case 2" is, apparently, "unsupported" by Veritas.  Grrrrrr.....

Hi David,

Veritas is okay with including your VxFS patch for quotas on Solaris with
certain reservations.

This patch is required because Solaris' quotactl() call is UFS specific and
doesn't take the VFS switch route. We believe Sun will eventually fix this
bug in Solaris, and the quotactl() system call will then work on VxFS file
systems, including NFS mounted VxFS file systems. So you might want to
modify the patch to try the quotactl(2) system call first before diving into
VxFS specific code.

Also, as you know, the quotactl() interface developed for VxFS is private
and so can change without notice from version to version. Also, the header
files to include will also change with the interface. So, the patch should
have this warning that the vxfs quotactl() interface is subject to change
without notice and we do not guarantee that it will work on VxFS releases
later than 3.3.3.
Also, consequently there will need to be multiple patches in Samba, with the
to use depending on the underlying VxFS version.

With these points in mind, Veritas welcomes including your patch in Samba.
And we'll do our best to keep the patch updated.


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