[samba-tng] status: nt5ldap and samtdb

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at samba.org
Wed Feb 2 21:10:01 GMT 2000

On Wed, 2 Feb 2000, Luke Howard wrote:

> >hi luke, did you get groups and aliases working as well?
> It seems to go spinning when I do that. I'm kind of silently assuming
> that it's the passdb samrd backend, more investigation needed, but
> more likely to be spent doing samrd...
> >again, send us some examples, plus the RID and name of the user, it's
> >likely to be a key based on those.  tell us what the plaintext password
> >is, too.
> Sure, I need to figure out how to get access to those attributes in NT5,
> they're usually hidden from the user. Must be possible to change though.
> >i hate domain_namemap.c and the passdb/ API.  it's an awful mess.
> I agree. It's a case of, well, I probably wouldn't have understood the
> code as well if I hadn't done the nt5ldap passdb backend, but now that
> I have, I'm kind of too brain-dead to start doing the samrd backend
> (although, as I mentioned in private mail, I've started).
> >if you want code to cut-and-paste, i've pretty much got the "user" side
> >working in samrtdbd.
> Cool, I've based it on samrtdbd. Hopefully I can separate some of the
> useful code out of the nt5ldap passdb code and use that there as well;
> the code for resolving group members &c.

great.  well, let me drag the samtdb code into existence for aliases and
groups, and then you can cut/p[aste: save some fried brain-cells.

> >there is a distinct advantage to you writing a samrldapd, luke.  people
> >can compile samrd with --with-ldap, and compile samrldapd as well, and you
> >can start samrd, slurp the SAM database (text format?  rpcclient
> >samsync?), stop samrd, start samrldapd and shove it with the SAM database,
> >and you're converted from our old-style LDP to new-style nt5-LDAP.
> Yes, very cool. But you could probably do that with two passdb backends,
> just have to recompile in between... I agree with your sentiments about
> passdb, but ... 


let me put it this way.  i'd rather write a samrsmbpasswdd than mess about
with passdb/*.c and groupdb/*.c

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