Samba pre-2.0.7 snapshot available.

David Lee T.D.Lee at
Wed Feb 2 17:18:53 GMT 2000

On Sat, 29 Jan 2000, Jeremy Allison wrote:

> I have made a tarball snapshot of Samba pre-2.0.7
> available at :
> The WHATSNEW.txt file is not yet updated with the list
> of bugfixes, although the man pages should be up to
> date with the new options.
> I'm making this pre1 snapshot available so people can
> test that this release builds correctly on their systems
> and can get some feedback about the bugs we have left to
> fix before shipping "official" 2.0.7.

Status report.  (Possibly more to follow, but things are busy, so I'd
better fire this off now, rather than leaving it all until too late.)

o  Thanks for including "utmp" patch.

o  Error:  smbd/connection.c: "utmp_yield()" has different argument types
   in declaration and definition.  Fails to compile.  Patch trivial!
   (Seems to have been a tidy-up to original patch which missed a detail.)

o  Thought: is the conditional "--with-utmp" necessary?  Given that
   "configure" will detect the (non)-existence of a utmpx.h file (etc.),
   why not simply allow this to take its course?  (In the wider context,
   such as creating and distributing "packages" and RPMs, these "--blah"
   things are most awkward!)

o  Thanks for including and tidying the "inherit permissions" patch.
   Haven't yet tested it.  (Note for previous users of the private patch
   from me:  this used to be called (provisionally) "inherit mode" but
   seems to have been renamed for release.)

o  No sign of the inclusion of Veritas quotas (Solaris 2.x) functionality?
   Any news on this patch (and/or from Veritas and Sun)?

o  Error:  Distribution contains "include/config.h" which can conflict
   with that derived by end-user site.  (We configure/build in a
   sub-directory, i.e. "../configure blah blah";  perhaps a build in place
   would overwrite the rogue "config.h";  nevertheless the distribution
   should not contain that "config.h".)

o  In our subdirectory for building the "bin" subdirectory was not
   pre-created and the end of the "Make" failed.  I don't recall ever
   having this problem before (2.0.3, 2.0.4b, 2.0.6pre3, 2.0.6 ...).

o  Error(?): There is a "Makefile" in "source".  Shouldn't there be just
   the ""?  (See comment above re: "config.h".)

o  A "WHATSNEW" would be nice!

Thanks again.  Hope that helps.

I'll try to install it later this week on a test server, and to exercise
those particular feature in which I have a vested interest/responsibility
(particularly utmp, inherit permissions). 


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