Nicolas Williams' source environment variables

Peter Polkinghorne Peter.Polkinghorne at
Wed Feb 2 16:31:51 GMT 2000

> 	Ok, a question:
> 	The smb.conf processing includes code to mark a
> 	section "invalid" and scavenge its space.  Would
> 	a "valid if %m == foozle" or an "invalid 
> 	if %m != boozle" option allow you to simplify
> 	your smb.conf?
> --dave

A bit but not much.  The process we use is to generate from one smb.conf file
with a Perl script and the AMD map, a bunch of machine specific files. With
this one could generate 1 file with conditionals in the machine specific
sections.  However Some sections are valid on multiple machines (replicated
file systems), so would need to allow for multiple valid if directives OR
allow more complex syntax (which I imagine would be a no no).

Obviously if starting from scratch it might look different ...

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