Nicolas Williams' source environment variables

Dan Kaminsky effugas at
Wed Feb 2 15:25:34 GMT 2000

> Sure. I think Samba could easily be modified to support multiple config
> language options, so long the global/share parameter paradigm is kept as
> it is.

This is a good point--we should have ways of making explicit that an
include either should or should not be able to escape the containing [*]

Incidentally, I absolutely love having a global config that I use as a
skeleton for shares that lie within.
> Samba config language modules would need to provide a simple entry point
> to Samba so that it can be called when including config files of that
> langugae. And Samba needs to provide a registration mechanism so that
> these modules can inform Samba of their existence (even if this were a
> static, compile-time mechanism).

Um, we don't need to be this complicated.  We just tell the OS to execute
something.  If it's a compatible binary, it works.  If it's a #! style
script, it works.  No need to bind the language to the platform.

> Hmmmm. I should buy an asbestos suit.

Why?  I'm not advocating anything particularly shocking.

> You can do this today with preexec and include.

Preexec runs a command before a share is mounted...include will then
operate upon the contents of a preexec modified, this is kinda
workable, but A) Doesn't work for globals, B) Seems vulnerable to a race
condition somewhere, and C) Qualifies as a gross'n'disgusting hack(not
that there's anything *wrong* with that.

Nice trick to know about, I must say.
Yours Truly,

	Dan Kaminsky
	DoxPara Research

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