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Wed Feb 2 14:45:32 GMT 2000

I like this. :-)


On 02-Feb-00 Dan Kaminsky wrote:
> Rather than turning smb.conf into YASL(Yet Another Scripting Language),
> perhaps it'd be better to keep it hook based, but with a twist:
> Presently, we include outside files.  Why not allow inclusion based upon
> outside executables?  We can use environment variables to pass all of
> Samba's variables into the outside process, and with almost every existing
> scripting language able to parse environment variables, we automatically
> become compatible with whatever scripting language the user posseses.
> Include Exec would take two forms:
> 1) include exec = <executable which outputs valid smb.conf parameters>
> 2) parameter = `cat /etc/parameter`
>#2 allows for cheap one liner perl scripts to do their work.
> Problems?  Security's an issue, but I don't see all that much more of a
> threat than we already have...
> Thoughts?
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>       Dan Kaminsky
>       DoxPara Research

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